Ella Watson

Ella Watson

4 Key Ways To Deal With Stress


Urban life has become hugely stress-inducing. Modern man has to juggle between work, social life and other important commitments. If one does not set time aside to unwind, this routine can have a severe impact on one’s holistic health. Let…

A Very Basic Guide to Lip Embroidery


We’ve explored other semi-permanent beauty fads, such as eyelash extensions and brow embroidery. With the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing lipstick has become an awful pain. For one thing, excessive application of cosmetics behind the mask has resulted in mask acne. If…

Mistakes to Avoid Lash Extensions From Falling Out


These are two main reasons extensions don’t get extended enough time. Luckily, both of these factors can be controlled! Reason 1: Extensions are not well applied Reason 2: Extensions have been mistreated The way extensions are applied and managed plays…