Ella Watson

Ella Watson

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Driving


As climate change and other environmental challenges continue to be major issues for the future of the planet, it is as important as ever before to consider how we can reduce our carbon footprint. One of the main culprits when…

The Importance of Feminine Brand Design


In today’s disrupting world of branding, being ahead of the curve in terms of brand design is crucial. In recent years, there has been a significant focus on feminine brand design, which is the practice of making a brand with…

When Can Kids Eat Popcorn?


A common snack that is enjoyed by a lot of children is popcorn. Yet, parents could be unclear as to whether it is OK to start giving popcorn to their young children and this might cause confusion. In this piece,…

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

When-Do-Kids-Start Losing-Teeth

While losing baby teeth and getting permanent ones is a perfectly normal aspect of childhood development, many parents may be curious about the timeline for these events in their child’s life. This blog post will discuss the normal occurrence of…

Why is Cocomelon Bad for Kids?


Cocomelon has emerged as a preferred option in recent years among parents who are trying to provide their young children with material that is both instructive and enjoyable. The animated figures in the films sing and dance along to original…