How to Update Your Living Room?

8 Apr

As a homeowner, you should always admire and be proud of the house you live in. This way, you will maintain your living standards and boost your personality and confidence.

Most homeowners focus on upgrading the living room. But for some, this isn’t easy because they don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, upgrading your living space doesn’t have to be daunting. With the help of the following strategies, you can update your living space stress-free:

1. Paint Strategically

Paler or white hues always transform a home’s appearance. In addition, painting the walls and woodwork in your living room with the same colour helps to highlight the ceiling and draw visitors’ attention.

However, you may still use dark colours. Soothing colours, like charcoal grey or navy, for instance, can easily make a small space look welcoming and stylish. The trick is to hire the best house painter Calgary who offers extra services, like ceiling removal.

2. Use Mirrors

Decorating your living room using mirrors is the best way to make the space look great. Whether you are looking to add light, space, or something to see yourself in, mirrors are the best design features that work wonders in transforming a living room.

Like some creative homeowners, you can like the idea of having a gallery wall that includes different mirrors, mixing new purchases, charity shop finds, and antiques to create a combination of reflective art.

3. Go Green

Live plants always add energy to living rooms. Unfortunately, houseplants aren’t easy to maintain, especially when you have a very busy schedule. This is why most homeowners prefer air plants: because they are easy to take care of, and they are plain cool and pet-friendly. Plus, since these plants don’t require, you can display them in various ways.

Succulents are always amazing options. They require little maintenance—all you need to do is give them a touch of water and sunlight, and they will be good to go.

4. Add Lighting

Whether it is floor lamps, ceiling lights, or table lamps, lighting sources are great pieces that add a statement. Try to add some drama using modern crystal chandeliers, glamorous gold lamp bases, or oversized lampshades. A large size or a shiny finish can also give your living room a very stylish focal point.

5. Hang Curtains Wisely

This is a simple yet amazing hack that can make your living space look elegant and give it the illusion of a loftier dimension. Always consider taking your curtains to the floor, and if possible, take curtain rails a couple of inches above the top of your windows. This way, your windows will look bigger while the ceiling will look higher instantly.

The best way to elevate your living space is to add accessories and layers of textiles. For instance, full-height curtains can create softness in the space that you can’t achieve without.

Whether you want to prepare your home for viewing or settle into a new house, one thing is for sure – no one loves a small, disorganized, and outdated living space. But with the right strategies, you can convert your living space into a bigger, organized, and updated space.