Is it Safe to Sleep On Sofa when Pregnant?

28 Oct

Holding a baby in the womb can be one of the most amazing  moments of a woman’s life. Various things happen in pregnancy and there might be many questions in your head . Here, we are solving  one of the probable questions: Is it safe to sleep on a sofa when pregnant?

There is a repetitive question with concerns about sleeping position. We have tried to bring the closest possible vicinity answer if it is safe to sleep on a sofa when pregnant? Or if you should pick another place to rest.

1) Sleeping is crucial in pregnancy.

Sleep quality  is an important factor for both the mother and the baby. Sleep is something that prepares the body of the mother for the upcoming occurrences while pregnant. .

It is hard for a pregnant mother to decide the sleeping position which is comfortable for her  and the child to ensure its healthy development.

2) Positioning on a sofa.

Your sleeping position on the couch or sofa matters a lot. Although there must be a favorite spot and position for everyone. When it comes to pregnancy it is a matter of consideration on how to sleep so that the condition of the growing baby is not hampered.

3) Trimesters of the pregnancy are important.

A pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters. All the trimesters have their unique importance in the baby’s development. The mother needs to provide adequate care and protection to facilitate the proper development of her baby. The good news for you as a pregnant mother is that you have to be extra careful most of the time in the third semester. Of course, you can sleep on the sofa when you’re pregnant but it comes with a condition. Make sure you add a pillow or two to raise the comfort and avoid spending a lot of time laying on your back.

4) The correct side? The right or the left?

You can always choose between the left or the right side while you’re trying to sleep on the sofa. But when it comes to deep sleep we have to make sure that the baby is comfortable. You must emphasize the position that enables the bloodstream of the mother to be pumped to the child. The experts advise that spending time on your left side  is better and healthier.

The left side allows the placenta to receive oxygen and nutrients without affecting the baby’s condition. It can be hard trying to adjust on the left side but all you can do is try. Make sure that you do not spend too much time on your back and avoid sleeping on your belly.

5) Comfort Level of the Baby

Among several factors that affect the mother and the baby; comfortability is a reason for the healthy development of the baby. The growth is influenced by the comfortability that is provided to the baby in the womb of the mother. Of course, the sofa is cozy. Yet it is recommended to put another piece of furniture so that you don’t fall.


From the article , we hope that you have learned a thing or two.

You can be comfortable and a little cautious. And so in the end, you can sleep on a sofa when pregnant.