A Very Basic Guide to Lip Embroidery

17 Dec

We’ve explored other semi-permanent beauty fads, such as eyelash extensions and brow embroidery. With the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing lipstick has become an awful pain. For one thing, excessive application of cosmetics behind the mask has resulted in mask acne. If you don’t particularly want to leave the house with pale lips, there is a simple solution: lip embroidery.

Here is what you need to know about it.

What is Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery is a type of semi-permanent makeup. The goal is to improve the shape and colour of your lips. Accentuating your lips makes them appear larger, younger, and more symmetrical. It’s also known as “lip micropigmentation”, “lip microblading”, and “lip blush”. They are, however, all the same operation and include the same method of introducing pigment into the skin.

Who is Lip Embroidery Suitable for?

Lip embroidery is appropriate for everyone who wants to define and accentuate their lips with colour. Lip embroidery may be an option if you have imbalanced lips. However, it may be less helpful in people who have hyperpigmentation or have blue or purple lips.

How Does Lip Embroidery Work?

Before beginning, your lip artist will discuss your desired shape and colours according to your skin tone. Following that, the outline will be sketched out with a pencil, with revisions made along the route if necessary. When the shape has been confirmed, the procedure may begin. A needle-like blade will be used to produce tiny incisions in the uppermost layer of the skin, where the pigment will be applied.

Is Lip Embroidery Painful?

Lip embroidery is not unpleasant. However, it may cause a slight discomfort when incisions are made in the skin. There is no need to be concerned because topical anaesthetics are provided before the treatment. However, your lips may be puffy for a few days following the operation. To avoid flare-ups or infections, it is crucial to follow the proper aftercare instructions provided by your lip artist.

How Long Does Lip Embroidery Last?

Depending on the colours used, eyebrow embroidery can last anywhere from 1-2 years. The quality of the dye can also impact the longevity. As such, it is common for clients to go for touch-ups when necessary.

Where Can I have Lip Embroidery Done?

Lip embroidery is readily available in most semi-permanent beauty studios in Singapore, owing to the growing popularity of semi-permanent cosmetics. However, while it is a pretty safe process, you don’t want to travel anywhere for it. For one thing, the blades must be thoroughly sanitised, or you may risk infection. You’d undoubtedly want to spend some money to ensure your safety in a situation like this. Also, the lip artist should be qualified and competent – you don’t want to go two years with goofy lips!