Mistakes to Avoid Lash Extensions From Falling Out

17 Nov

These are two main reasons extensions don’t get extended enough time. Luckily, both of these factors can be controlled!

  • Reason 1: Extensions are not well applied
  • Reason 2: Extensions have been mistreated

The way extensions are applied and managed plays a significant role in their retention. Let me break down the essential information.

Reason 1: Extensions Are Not Properly Applied

Extensions are more than just sticking natural or synthetic lash fibers on your lashes.

Pro lash techs know which extension fibers work best for which lashes and how much glue to use. They also know how to attach the fibers exactly where they are needed.

Untrained and inexperienced individuals are more likely to make these three extension-shedding errors.

  • First mistake: Too-thick extensions are too long and heavy for natural lashes. Extensions can cause lashes to fall because they are too heavy.
  • Second mistake: Gluing more than one natural lash together (with extensions or not). What next? If one of the lashes stuck together is still growing, it can pull on the lashes attached to it and potentially pull them (and their extensions out).
  • Third Mistake: Applying clump lashes. Cluster lash extensions can be a more convenient alternative to individual extensions for beginners. These are ready-made lash bundles that you can attach one at a time. Cluster lashes can be heavy. They also require a lot of glue to adhere to, which makes them heavier and more likely to cause lash loss.

Before you make an appointment, it is a good idea to check up on the lash tech. Ask about their experience and portfolio.

Reason 2: Extensions Are Mistreated

This is a shocking fact that could be making your extensions lose their functionality.

Maybe you were a quickie at the lash salon and jumped in the shower. You may have put oily cream on your eyes every night before going to bed, rubbed your eyes with cotton pads, or pressed your face into your pillow while you slept.

These behaviors can lead to extensions being shortened, which increases their risk of shedding.

Professional-grade lash glue is strong (it acts like cement to attach the extensions to your natural eyelashes), but it’s not invincible.

The bond between extension and lash can be broken by many things. The glue is curing, so the bond is particularly vulnerable after extensions have been applied. You should not let water, sweat, tears or steam get near your eyelashes for the first four hours.

This post was written by Natali Roshan. Lash Addict Studio is the best lash studio Seminole.